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"The end results were good, and the client was happy with the delivery of the project. Eleven Gates produced the video quickly and worked hard to meet the developer’s expectations. Overall, the project was successful and the team’s work was described as almost perfect. "
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Why Should You Use An Explainer Videos?

Consumers make purchases based on the benefits of a product instead of the features. They choose the product or service that does something they perceive to be better than the alternative. Fundamentally, the features of the TV set are what make the benefits possible, but it is the major benefits that really make the sale.
So Explainer videos allow you to quickly highlight the benefits of your product and give your audience what they are looking for. An explainer video allows you to develop a presentation that gets to the heart of your company’s solution. A short, animated video can immediately answer your audience’s questions and alleviate their pain points.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Explainer videos are proven to be a rewarding investment that guarantees a significant increase in your sales. If you think, your sales funnel isn’t exciting enough to get people entrapped then try using an explainer video to reel them in. 
An explainer video can do more than explain the workings of your product or services. It takes a different approach and presents itself as the problem of your solution and advertises its features and benefits effectively.
You can use an explainer video to simplify the concept of your brand and give a prospect audience the right incentive to purchase whatever you are marketing.

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