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Production of Explainer
video-Step by Step

Script Writing Pixelblue Animation

Script Writing

Detailed scripts that interactively explain your product and act as a hook to ensure that the viewers stick till the end.

Storyboard Pixelblue Animation


We arrange the images, illustrations, and other forms of graphics to create a blueprint of the final video making everything super-easy to understand.

Voiceover Pixelblue Animation


Voices evoke a passion in the listeners. Our professional male and female voiceover artists will bring sentiment into your video covering US or UK accents.

Design Pixelblue Animation


Our pro designers combine the intuitive design elements to include relevant backgrounds and components based on your story and vision.

Animation Pixelblue Animation


We create life-like animation that inspires a favorable response from the viewers. Before finalizing the video, we send it to you for review.

Final Video Pixelblue Animation

Final Video

Post-approval, our team of sound engineers will further improve the user experience by adding relevant sound effects to the video. The same is sent to you in the Full HD version or any other format of your choice.

About us

We are the best thing that will ever happen to you! At Eleven Gates, we make it a point to explore different industries, work with all sorts of people and brands because we want to experience the pinnacle of corporate branding via video creation.

We are smart, adept, and always looking for a challenge only to overcome it with our innovative approach. So, if you are still having doubts about associating with Eleven Gates, then go on and take a look at our creatives and technical gurus. Together they make a hell of a team to bring out the best in your product or service.

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Explainer video pricing guide

Our explainer videos cost 50%-70% less as compared
to those of other companies.

The cost of an explained video depends on multiple factors, including quality, complexity, duration, language etc. To help you understand why and on what you are investing in, please check our offering below-

Full Unique Customized Designs Pixelblue Animation

Full Unique Customized Designs

All the designs are exclusive. We dont use any template.

Colorful Storyboard Pixelblue Animation

Colorful Storyboard

You'll get a 'first look' of video with style, colors etc everything on storyboard level.

Fixed Price Pixelblue Animation

Fixed Price

Briefing, script writing, design, animation, voiceover, animation, sound effects, edit everything for one fixed price.

Unlimited Revisions Pixelblue Animation

Unlimited Revisions

We make changes within each stage of a project untill you're happy.

Music, Soundfx Included Pixelblue Animation

Music, Soundfx Included

No extra spending for background music and sound effects

Full 1920 HD Output Pixelblue Animation

Full 1920 HD Output

Full 1920 HD output in any video format available at final delivery.

Any Time Zone Pixelblue Animation

Any Time Zone

We work with companies form all over the world so we have experiences of working in different time zones.

Dedicated Project Manager Pixelblue Animation

Dedicated Project Manager

Available on email, phone and skype who can take care and track your project through out the process.

Planning to Outsource?

Looking for the best animation partner
to outsource video projects?

Armed with an army of trained and seasoned design & animation specialists, Pixelblue guarantees superior quality videos only. We are operating for around a decade now with the proven track record of being a reliable white-label outsourcing video producing company, specializing in B2B and B2C business model.

NDA Assurance Pixelblue Animation
NDA Assurance
Highly Competative Pricing Pixelblue Animation
Highly Competative Pricing
Virtual Representative Pixelblue Animation
We act as your virtual representative
Credit and Copyright Pixelblue Animation
100% Credit and Copyright in your name
Invisible Partner Pixelblue Animation
We act as your invisible partner
Strict Adherence to deadlines Pixelblue Animation
Strict Adherence to deadlines
No Operational Headache Pixelblue Animation
No operational headache for you
High Profit Pixelblue Animation
High Profit with Zero Infra Cost
Assistance in Quotation Pixelblue Animation
Assistance in Quotation
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