What is 2.5D Animation and When Should you Use it?

During your research into various video styles for your upcoming marketing piece, you may have come across the term 2.5D animation. You would be mistaken if you assumed that was a typo.

So what exactly is 2.5D animation? Simply put, it’s a combination of 2D and 3D animation. What can I do with it then? Let’s just get started, watch a few examples, and learn more about this style as a group.

What is 2.5D Animation?

In between 2D and 3D animation, 2.5D animation occupies a middle ground. In this kind of animation, 3D objects are used in a 2D setting. The characters and hero objects are 3D, but the background is 2D. In this kind of video, the objects can be emphasized because they are the focal point.

Consider that you have a fantastic video idea that you believe would look even better in 3D. You don’t have enough time or money to create an entire 3D animation video, though. What can you do about it right now, then? Well, 2.5 D steps in to save the day here.

You can give the appearance that 2D objects are in 3D by using this animation style. An animator can add volume to a 2D object and completely alter its appearance by skillfully utilising shadowing, layering, and perspective adjustments, among many other techniques.

Difference Between 2.5D, 3D and 2D Animation

To help you understand what each of these animation styles has to offer, here is a brief summary of their differences.

  • 2D Animation: In this style of animation, your message is communicated through flat backgrounds and flat characters. Even though the 2D style appears to be less complex than the other two, it is still very effective at holding your audience’s attention through storytelling.
  • 2.5D Animation: A combination of 2D and 3D animation methods is known as 2.5D animation. Although your background is still flat, your characters and objects appear to be three-dimensional. In this manner, the 3D components become the center of interest.
  • 3D Animation: The most time-consuming of the three types of video animation I’ve discussed here is 3D animation. Since 3D videos require a lot more steps during production, they can provide excellent character and background depth. However, even though it may be the most eye-catching animation style, it is also the most expensive.

When Should You Consider 2.5D Animation?

If you’re still unsure about your best option, allow me to share my top three arguments for choosing 2.5 D.

Make things simple

Written information is processed more slowly and laboriously than visual content. Therefore, you can use one of these videos as the medium to spread your message when you have a complex product or service that you want to present to your audience.

Reduce costs and time

By using your characters and animations, you can turn what would otherwise be a dry delivery of information into a fun experience.

You can use this video style to increase your marketing efforts regardless of your budget or startup status. As it doesn’t require expensive equipment or actors, this type of video offers a more affordable alternative to 3D and live-action ones (check out our article on explainer video pricing to know more about the topic). You won’t have to wait for a very long time to receive the finished product because it is also easier to make.

Activate and Engage Audiences

These videos are an attractive option you should definitely keep in mind if you want your company to stand out from the competition due to its distinct aesthetic. Additionally, a fantastic animated video can encourage viewers to view your work and make them stay until the end.

Coming Out of the Monotony

These days, advertisers constantly try to communicate with us in various ways. They want us to look at their billboards and see famous people endorsing their merchandise. Most people are accustomed to and anticipate seeing these commercial videos.

An animated video, on the other hand, differs from all other kinds of commercial videos and aids businesses in breaking the monotony. The video does not blatantly ask viewers to buy the product right away.

The educational and entertaining qualities of the animated video provide enough justification for viewers to take advantage of the offer.

How to Make 2.5D Animation?

You can use the same software that you use to create 2D and 3D animation. You must first be familiar with the foundations of animation. After you have mastered the basics, you should concentrate on different methods that will enable you to produce a 2.5D animation video. Before moving on to an advanced video, start with the simpler one.

3 Best 2.5D Animated Video Examples

Revo Testing Technologies

From the very first frame, the characters and objects in this piece are in 2.5D. But in my opinion, what sets this video apart from the others is the use of brand colors throughout, from the very beginning to the very end. If you want your audience to be able to immediately connect the video with your business, this can be a great strategy.

Sargon Arcadia

The animation in this video does a great job of emphasizing the objects and making them the main attraction. The end result is a sophisticated look with a unique and futuristic appearance that will stick in the minds of viewers.

Uncomplicate your Tech

This 2.5D animation example demonstrates how perspective changes and shading can create the appearance of depth. There may not seem to be much going on in the background—just it’s a gradient—but that was done on purpose to give the scene more depth while maintaining the objects’ central importance.

The Takeaway

A single excellent animated video can generate tons of traffic, leads, and revenue for you. Even if you hire someone else to produce the video for you, it doesn’t cost much to make a cost-effective animated video.

The popularity of animated videos is here to stay. Future growth in demand for animated videos is to be anticipated. As technology develops, users’ attention is continually being drawn to new trends that are constantly appearing on the market. If you master video animation techniques, there is no end to the amount of creativity you can incorporate