When Not To Go With A Whiteboard Animated Video

whiteboard animated video when and when not to Do you think it would be a good idea to include a whiteboard animated video in your marketing plan? Well, after reading this, you might want to think twice! Without a doubt, whiteboard animation has a lot of great potentials when used appropriately, but it’s not typically […]

What is 2.5D Animation and When Should you Use it?

During your research into various video styles for your upcoming marketing piece, you may have come across the term 2.5D animation. You would be mistaken if you assumed that was a typo. So what exactly is 2.5D animation? Simply put, it’s a combination of 2D and 3D animation. What can I do with it then? […]

Motion Graphics: The Art of Simplifying Complex Concepts

Motion Graphics: The Art of Simplifying Complex Concepts In 2022, 28 minutes will be spent on Instagram daily on average by more than one billion users. On this platform, more than 100 million posts are shared each day. As a result, Instagram users have more content to scroll through (and swipe past) on their feeds […]


There are many marketing goals and objectives that videos can help you reach, from facilitating customer acquisition to producing excellent product experiences. Videos are used by companies and marketers in a variety of ways and on various platforms. With video, the options are endless! We recently surveyed some of our clients to learn more about […]

Everything you Need to Know About Educational Industry Videos

The key to creating a better future is education. Since educational industry videos are so effective at making information available, approachable, and appealing, it only makes sense to try and find better ways to do so. A video that was made with thought, passion, and creativity frequently succeeds, even though it can be difficult to […]

Best Video Marketing Agencies You Must Check Out in 2022

The statistics have by this point pretty clearly shown that a professionally designed, well-executed, fully customized video can significantly impact most marketing campaigns. To get a piece like that, though, you’ll need to track down some of the top video marketing companies; the ones with the aptitude, wisdom, and know-how to succeed. Finding a video […]


Are you struggling to think of fresh ways to explain the features of your product or service in a way that’s not only accurate but also compelling? A product video offers the ideal solution. You must, after all, get past the obstacle that prevents potential customers from directly interacting with your products! These videos enable […]

animated video for cryptocurrencies

Animated Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrencies

Animated Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrencies The world has learned a new way to earn, invest, and trade thanks to cryptocurrencies. Recently, this new form of communication has reached unprecedented heights. We have witnessed our friends use this kind of digital currency wisely to go from being indigent to wealthy in a short amount of time. […]