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8 product demo videos That Will teach You How To Do It Right.

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A product demo video can convert your leads to sales or shun your potential clients away! The video needs to be captivating, engrossing, explanatory, relevant, and most importantly, short! If you have been struggling to create the right product demo video, then you could do with some inspiration. Here are the best product demo videos we have compiled to understand how a great video should be created.

The most impactful product demo videos should show the product’s practical value and benefits along with its key points. A product video is a great opportunity for brands to display their products in an engaging way. These videos can satisfy an online shopper’s curiosity. They can also provide an idea of usage, understand the benefits and finally buy the product.

Best Product Demo Video Examples to Learn From

1. Bulls Bike US – Offering Solutions to Problems


It’s always helpful to keep in mind that you’re selling more than just a good or service to your customers. You’re also providing a solution to a particular issue or need they have.

The US company Bull Bikes‘ product demo video is a fantastic example of this.

In addition to highlighting the advantages the company offers in terms of time and money, each of which addresses a particular pain point of their target audience, the reasons why the company is simply the best alternative for people looking for a high-quality bike permeate and give shape to the entire piece.

2. Nespresso – Simple Videos


Nobody has the time to watch a lengthy guide on making a good cup of coffee! Nespresso created this incredibly straightforward video for one of their coffee makers. They are aware of the audience’s fundamental preferences.

The unassuming nature of their demo video content reflects the ease of use they want to highlight from their product. They want to showcase that you need to just push one button, and that’s it! Additionally, the music they chose complements the close-ups of their product’s sophisticated design beautifully.

A wonderful illustration of simplicity and effectiveness in demo videos!

3. Catan – Explainer Videos


While most of product demo videos often adopt a promotional tone, you can also employ an educational strategy. This can be done to provide your audience with useful information about your product or service while also promoting it.

Catan’s demo video does just that. You probably already know how difficult it can be to explain how the game functions to someone who has never played it. As a result, they produced a stunning, animated film that engages the audience in a fantastical world filled with exciting adventures. In this manner, they were able to cover all the pertinent technical information in a different and memorable manner.

4. Phillips Air fryer – Striking Visuals


You can imagine the difficulty Philips faced when trying to think of ways to demonstrate their fryer, a product that largely appears like a black box. Some products simply don’t look visually appealing or striking.

What does, however, look good on camera, according to the majority of people? Food! So the company focused on all the meals you could prepare with it in order to showcase their visually unappealing product in flashy ways. The end result is a combination of hypnotic images filled with slow-motion close-ups that capture the audience’s attention right away and hold it until the very end.

Just take a look at those creative and intriguing opening shots of this demo video, and note how they seamlessly lead into the product itself and its advantages.

5. Blume – Showcase the Effort Put In


Since you are the expert on your product, you should always try to motivate and excite your audience in your demonstration video.

Blume Beverages produced an enlightening product demo video in which they emphasized the company’s protracted process for creating its delectable super-food drinks. You can clearly sense the devotion to the quality they have for their ingredients and the love they have for their product.

This touching piece can help your business connect with customers on a personal level and also nurture brand loyalty.

6.Solo Stove – Showcasing Real Customers’ Opinions

It’s a universal truth that people frequently value other people’s opinions highly. So, what better way to win over potential customers than to show off all the people your products have helped along the way?

In order to give their message a more genuine feel, Solo Stove’s product demo video includes footage of actual customers using their bonfires right around the 18-second mark. A strategy that furthers the company’s dominant position in the market and highlights the solid bond they have with its devoted customers.

7.Dollar Shave Club – Humor


Customers these days react to content that elicits an emotion, even a small smile. Your job is almost finished if you can make your audience smile just a little bit while promoting your goods!

The people at Dollar Shave Club recognized this and decided on a humorous, explicit choice for their product demo video.

This hilarious piece also demonstrates how well the company understands its target market. They also demonstrate the problems and also the types of content that pique their interest. They do so by fusing all those factors into a video that is memorable and funny. The video is also effective in terms of product promotion.


So, use any of the above tactics to create a great product demo video! When done in the right way, you can definitely convert leads to sales.