7 Best Animated Ads To Inspire You In Your Business

best Animated Ads

Animated ads are not only fun and informative, but they are also attention-grabbing! So, if you want to send a message to all your potential clients and business associates, an animated ad explaining your business’s benefits will create an impact. An animated ad can be engaging, creative and informative.

To create an impactful animated ad, you need to put in a lot of effort, skills and the right tone. Here are some amazing animated ad examples from businesses that have managed to strike the right chord. You can take inspiration from these ads before creating your own. In this article, we shall also brief you on animated ads.

What is an Animated Ad?

Animated ads are short cartoon videos meant to promote a product or service. These ads are displayed on the television or digital channels through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

7  Best Animated Ads to Take Inspiration from

While there are many cartoon ads for commercial purposes, there are a few that have managed to create a great impact on the viewer. Here is a list of the best animated ads one can take inspiration from for their business:

“How to Play Catan – The Most Adorable Overview Ever” – Catan, Animated Ad by Yum Yum Videos

This great animated ad has been created by Yum Yum videos. When their friends at Catan GmbH approached them to create a cartoon ad for their tabletop game Catan, the brilliant team created an ad that managed to introduce the basics of the game to new audiences and also entertain the audiences with the content.

The ad gives the viewers the ability to ‘jump inside’ the game and experience it from a ‘first-person’ viewpoint. The idea of the ad is quite relatable, magical, and dynamic. The animated cats used in the video are quite cute to look at and attention-grabbing.


“June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” – Animated Ad from Lyft

Lyft is a top-rated vehicle service app that has created an animated short-style ad to give details of their company in a creative way. The charming and compelling ad narrates the story of June, a sweet grandmother who uses Lyft services on her way to buy her new car.

The design, animation, and story-telling of the ad are marvellous. It manages to incorporate the brand’s image, style, and goals in a smart way. It is an example of advertising at its best.


 “Work simplified.” – Animated Commercial Video from Slack

The ‘Work, simplified’ continues to be the greatest ad created by Slack. It is a video ad example that stands out for its simplicity, complexity, and best visual graphics. The animated ad incorporates elaborate backgrounds and continuous takes/cameras to convey its message. The ad features no voice-over or on-screen text and also conveys the message quite strongly.

The best part of the ad is that it is not long and is only less than a minute. It is an all-around good advertisement example of great animation.


“Able” – Cartoon Advertisement by Yum Yum Video

This animated ad is a great explainer video that focuses on leveraging the power of motion graphic videos, using sensible visuals and energetic transitions. All-in-all, this ad is attention-grabbing and yet conveys useful information to the audience.

Also, the easy-to-read graphics compliment the narration of the ad and in the end, the viewer can focus on the key takeaways. The script makes the ad piece quite memorable.


“SumTotalCare” – Cartoon Advertisement from Summa Health

It can be challenging to narrow down just a few creative advertising concepts to mention in this Summa Health article because there are numerous great ones. The imaginative imagery, the energetic camera work and perspective, the use of striking 2D elements that appear to be in 3D, etc. the list is endless.

Furthermore, pay close attention to these first three aspects as you watch to see what makes this animation example worthwhile: The well-thought-out, simple-to-read character design, the minimalistic construction of the scenery, and, mostly, the seamless transitions between each scene.

Then, in addition to all those wonderful technical aspects, we want you to pay close attention to how this cartoon advertisement successfully conveys a sense of optimism and positivity throughout.


“What Would Christmas Be Without Love?” – Animated Ad from Erste Group

Many businesses choose to use animated advertisements to celebrate the holiday season around Christmas. And an Austrian bank, the Erste Group, did a fantastic job of it in 2018.

Moreover, they managed to come up with this endearing tale about a hedgehog who faces challenges in his quest to make friends.

If you are wondering what this ad has got to do with banking, then you must know that Erste Group focuses on creating ads that convey brand values rather than sales pitches. This great ad showcases that the sky is the limit when it comes to imagination and creativity.


“The Place You Want to be” – Cartoon Advertisement from Volkswagen

We could say Volkswagen made a brave move by creating this entertaining animated ad video because it’s uncommon to find automotive-related animated video ads. But looking back, they could not have made a better decision.

They told the story from the viewpoint of a green beetle, which was given life and personality in contrast to most auto commercials. Viewers can more easily become engrossed in the narrative. They can comprehend how the Volkswagen service benefits their cars in this way.

It was also a fantastic way to highlight the excellence of their service while enticingly outlining each step of the process.


Take inspiration from these best ads for your business. An animated video is the best bet for getting customer attention.



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