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For animated explainer videos There is lots of hard work, pre-planning and commitment that goes into making an animated explainer video. First of all, you need a script to start with. But To get the write script you need to keep a few points in mind. Here are some basic tips for choosing the right scripts for an animated explainer video.

There is no one formula for writing the perfect script. But, there are a few fundamentals that one needs to keep in mind:

1) Write a Creative Brief for your Explainer Video Project

A rough draft or rough script is what you need to get started before you start making your animated video. Put your ideas on paper or computer. This should be an overview of your vision and goals. Try to cover these questions:

– Does the rough script convey the brand message?
– Does it speak about the product or service clearly?
– How does the script solve your problem?
– What do you want people to do after viewing your video?

If you are satisfied with your script, next create an ‘elevator pitch’, that is a shortened summary you could deliver on a quick elevator ride. This speech should trim your message down to the important basics.

2) Build your Animated explainer Video Script around a good Story Structure

Your video script should be built around a powerful story structure. Whether your video is of just 2 minutes or longer, a story structure is important. You can begin with your story in the following way:

  • Show the problem first to the viewer in Animated Explainer Videos
  • Showcase how your product for service solves the problem
  • Finally, explain why the viewer should invest in your product or service.

Your video script should have all these elements for it to be a powerful and compelling story that might be able to convert leads into sales.

3) Use Good Visuals and Music

It is important to use good visuals and music in your story and these should be mentioned in your script. As you write the script of your video, For animated explainer videos you should add compelling visuals and music for it to be a total self-explanatory script. For example, if you are presenting the problem, the music should echo the mood with a downbeat and when you are showing the solution, the music should echo the mood with an upbeat. These are useful nonverbal cues that will make your explainer video script complete.

4) Use the Right Tone and Language

Talk in a language to your viewers that resonate with them and that is relatable. Speak directly to your audience using second person pronouns. Keep the script simple and clear. Use short sentences and simpler words. Make the script in an informal style.

5) Inject Emotion into your Video Script

Always include scenarios which are more compelling and persuasive into your video script. But do not overdo it. Audience today is quite smart to understand whether you are using emotion as a tool to win them over or showing them the real stuff. Create a story that evokes an emotional response. If you want your script to be humorous, ensure that you use humor sparingly. Also, avoid using sarcasm as it may putt off some audiences.

6) Use the Right Length and Pace

A very long video will bore the audiences and a short one may not be able to convey the message properly. A range of 125 to 155 words per minute is ideal for a video. It is enough to retain and have an impact on the minds of the viewer. If you want 160 words per minute, then keep the video short. If you find it tough to explain your product or service in just 2 minutes, then you need to rework on your story line.

Target the product more clearly and work on the scrip again to edit and remove areas that are unnecessary. Next, write the speech for the human voice to be used in the video.
These are some basic tips for choosing scripts for animated explainer videos.

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