10 Best Product Video Examples for Marketing

Are you struggling to think of fresh ways to explain the features of your product or service in a way that’s not only accurate but also compelling? A product video offers the ideal solution.

You must, after all, get past the obstacle that prevents potential customers from directly interacting with your products!

These videos enable you to present your goods in the best possible way while also persuading viewers to convert.

In this article, we’ve gathered the top 10 product video marketing examples. We have given a thorough analysis of why we chose each and what you can take away from it. They should act as motivation for your upcoming campaign.

The Lip Bar

In less than five minutes, the model uses the product in their makeup routine and demonstrates how to apply it.

Here’s why it works: In addition to demonstrating how the product will appear in use, the demo also demonstrates how simple it is for customers to incorporate it into their regular beauty routine.

Apple iPad Air

Just take a look at how they list and display the product’s key features. They write them on the iPad in the manner of someone taking notes!

By demonstrating how to use the product to play games and edit videos, the more elusive features—like speed—that are more difficult to explain are put into practice.

In this product video, the use of vibrant elements and upbeat music ties everything together. It helps to capture—and keep the viewer’s interest from beginning to end.

Here’s why it works: If your product permits it, you can use it as the focal point to emphasize its most salient qualities and key features.

Deuter alpine backpack Guide Lite 22 SL

The video begins with the phrase “more energy throughout the day.” The piece demonstrates how this Deuter backpack is made to give its users “more energy throughout the day.”

The video then goes on to list the various explanations for how that is possible, each of which is connected to a product feature. In order to transport the audience on a journey alongside the characters in the video, each of those components is displayed in a close-up shot of the backpack. Also, combined with live-action footage. In this manner, they will come to believe that the item can aid in their quest for adventure.

Here’s why it works: By utilizing a variety of video production styles, you can draw attention to the most important aspects of your product. You can also encourage viewers to value these features.

Survey Monkey Product Video

This product demo, is packed with illustrations of SurveyMonkey’s advantages and features as well as a tour of the user interface.

Why it works: By using SurveyMonkey, viewers can see how simple it is to send a survey. Even integration with other platforms like Slack is visible to them.

This demo video is a workhorse. But, it shows how SurveyMonkey can fit into a user’s daily routine and how simple it is to use from sign-in to sending.

The New Rolex Day-Date 40

All of the close-ups in the video demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship that Rolex is renowned for in its high-end goods. But this brand-new product video also emphasizes the superiority of the watch’s platinum-based construction.

The raw material, platinum, is not only shown in shots throughout the entire video but is also displayed next to a product piece that was inspired by it (such as the dial or the bezel), highlighting how much platinum has influenced the watch’s design.

Here’s why it works: You can subtly highlight certain qualities that your prospects find important when evaluating your brands, like quality or sustainability, if your product video includes footage and imagery related to your product—even tangentially.


In this vividly colored video, Slack dispels a myth about its platform that it can only be used for private messaging. They walk viewers through using their interface for team communication.

The actor weighs in on how those features translate into benefits while guiding viewers through a Slack demonstration in the feature-heavy video.

Reasons why it works: This educational video ends with a straightforward “Get started with Slack, today” call-to-action. A strong CTA is always effective.

Dove O% Aluminum Deodorant

This video marketing example begins by demonstrating that the product no longer contains aluminum before highlighting the two elements that make it better for the skin.

However, the inclusion of a second product in this piece is what propelled it to the top of our list of instructive product video examples. Just before the video ends, the refillable deodorant is introduced, which sparks interest in the product and encourages viewers to look up more details.

Here’s why it works: You can introduce a variety of goods and services thanks to the adaptability of product videos. Utilize this opportunity to present a second product to raise interest in the first. Just keep in mind that this only functions as long as there is a distinct link between the products. It should never be used excessively.

Craftsy Product Video

How can you persuade people to give up their most precious resource—their free time? Craftsy, formerly known as Bluprint, is a successful online learning platform.

By letting users know they have something for everyone, they first pique their interest. The narrator states, “Our world-class instruction is here to help whether you’re just getting started with a craft or looking to advance your skills.”

Next, the video describes the different classes customers can enroll in, such as baking and knitting, while highlighting the importance of having knowledgeable instructors as their guides.

Here’s why it works: This video first catches everyone’s attention into a visually pleasing creative world. It then almost coaxes viewers to try their hands at a new craft activity,

Advil® Dual Action with Acetaminophen

Maintaining the complex terminology and then simplifying it in the explanation is one strategy for overcoming the challenges associated with marketing healthcare products. You can serve both experts and laypeople simultaneously in this way.

Advil describes in this product video example of how their product works. It also showcases how long the effects will last in just 15 seconds. Advil does this all by mentioning the names of the compounds in the painkiller. It also explains what they do in the patient’s body in simple terms.

Why it works: You can target different audiences with the same product video at the same time.

Sphero Product Video

Are you well-known for one product, but want to launch another? Sphero has some knowledge of that. The company produced the robot BB-8 a few years ago for the obscure film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

They open a Kickstarter video for their newest robot by showcasing the well-known BB-8 robot that catapulted them to success. After introducing themselves, they show off their brand-new robot, the Sphero RVR.

The robot’s engineers can be heard discussing what their new creation does. They also discuss why it is unique for the remainder of the video. We trust them because they’ve connected this brand-new creation to their prior dominance.

Why this works: What makes this effective is that Sphero immediately establishes its credibility by citing prior accomplishments. It does this before introducing its new product and its features.

These are some of the most amazing product video examples for marketing you can use. If you wish to get such impressive videos made for your products, trust Eleven Gates to do it for you!