Everything you Need to Know About Educational Industry Videos

The key to creating a better future is education. Since educational industry videos are so effective at making information available, approachable, and appealing, it only makes sense to try and find better ways to do so. A video that was made with thought, passion, and creativity frequently succeeds, even though it can be difficult to strike the right note to connect with someone personally. Your ability to enroll more students increases exponentially when you factor in the power of content that is available anywhere in the world at any time.

The Right Educational Industry Videos

Education is a topic that is very important to us. We are aware that for this industry to engage your students, videos must have the appropriate tone. Videos that can vividly visualize your ideas while telling a meaningful story. That’s the only way to create materials that can actually educate, and our educational video company can do just that for you.

What Are Educational Explainer Videos Good For?

Nowadays, most people don’t have the patience to sit through a class lecture, much less pay attention and actually learn something. Live instruction has been shown to be more efficient as a means of exchanging feedback or resolving questions, but learning itself is an entirely different matter.

For educational institutions and training programs, developing a system of learning that simplifies complex information and conveys it in manageable, brief chunks has become essential. To maximize audience engagement and interest, it’s crucial to make sure the information is presented in an engaging manner. There can be no learning if the student is unable to find interest.

This is precisely how Educational Explainer Videos are essential in the current digital environment. Since watching videos can now be used to learn any type of skill, concept, or discipline, learning has become even simpler. With the aid of appealing graphics, gripping voiceovers, and clear audiovisuals, these educational explainer videos engage our brain’s cognitive functioning. They deliver your message via an engaging narrative that elicits a favorable emotional response and permits the individual to learn at a gradual pace.

An increasingly popular tool for quickly capturing audiences’ attention and raising significant amounts of brand awareness is animated explainer videos. You have a wide range of options when it comes to exploring cost-effective presentations that introduce concepts and products in a way that generates a profitable return on investment in the animated domain. However, depending on how you plan to make professionally animated educational industry videos, you might have to incur some costs.

Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry

Google Classroom

It should not be surprising that this information powerhouse also doubles as the largest classroom on earth. They introduce Google Classroom, which is a part of G-suite and primarily focused on education, in this animated explainer video. To assist in organizing their learning process, it provides its students with a variety of collaborative tools, such as Chromebooks. To demonstrate how they have digitally imitated a classroom learning experience, their presentation uses smooth sliding animations displayed with the distinctive color scheme of Google. It continues by outlining all of its useful features, including scheduling, classes, corresponding with teachers, and much more.

Adobe Education Exchange

The Adobe Education Exchange’s digital learning model is clarified in this one-minute tutorial. The exchange is a free online learning tool created to support a creative online learning community. One can learn new skills, hone them to near perfection, and then pass them on to others. This video emphasizes the advantages of belonging to the community. It uses straightforward graphic motion to show you the theme behind the academy. This slideshow presentation lists the programs and tools that would encourage creativity in every student.

Wand Education

We are not unfamiliar with this infographic style of storytelling, but these educational industry videos are incredibly enjoyable. Without wasting any time, the Wand Education explainer captivates the audience with examples of how it helps teachers. It discusses the issue of the rising demand for ready-to-consume education. It also discusses how Wand Education can meet teachers’ needs by automating lectures and thereby saving time.


Codio is a digital learning platform for computer programming that is now used by numerous schools, and institutes globally. It is not just any teaching platform. Additionally, the platform provides helpful tools for auto-grading, learning management systems, and curriculum authoring. 2D animated graphics are used in this lively explainer video to draw viewers in and outline the platform’s features. We are immediately made aware of its many advantages. Particularly, the fact that teaching programming is made more affordable and time-efficient.

Active ED

This is a partnership between the Broad Centre, the Strategic Data Project, and Education Pioneers. Active ED, aims to give managers and analysts of the future access to a single platform with all the tools they will need. The main point of the video is kept fairly simple in this explainer. You can connect with both new and previous contacts. It advertises the Active ED platform as a hub of resources to fully utilize what the internet has to offer.

The Art of Improvement

Nowadays, animated explainer videos are all the rage in the education sector. They are interesting to watch, stimulating, and engaging. Try Eleven Gates if you’re considering creating educational industry videos to promote your brand, company, or online course. With the best online editing tools, adaptable templates and creative assets, text-to-speech voiceovers, and so much more, you can create enticing fully animated videos in a single step.