To make Great Explainer Videos Follow the Prerequisites Guide

Great explainer video

When you are looking for ways in which you can boost your sales by attracting more customers online with Great Explainer Videos, then you need to make your online content more attractive and relatable. Gone are the days when ads and promotions were very robotic, impossible, fiction and even silly to some extent. Today, the audience has become cleverer and to gain their attention, you need to come up with content that is out of the box, true, relatable and also very appealing.

Written content on the landing page of a website did attract customers initially, but today, this trend is slowly wearing off as everyone is losing interest in long reads. To break this trend, marketers came up with a better and brilliant plan that is going to stay for really long. This new trend is the act of uploading videos on your social media pages, website, and other digital places. A video content is a properly shot video explaining how your product or services can be used or how they can be beneficial.

But not everyone manages to create a striking videos. To make a video work, it needs to be very genuine, relatable, apparently true and also interesting. A powerful video not only entertains the audience but also convinces them about the benefits of your product, so that they can make an informed choice soon.

Every company needs some data to work on to make good videos. Eleven Gates also relies on some crucial information given by our clients to enable us to make great videos for them. Here are some prerequisites for creating Explainer videos that drive sales:

Prerequisites for Creating Great Videos That Drive Sales
-Quick Elevator Pitch

We first need a quick elevator pitch from our clients to get a rough idea of what the company is all about. This helps us create a draft in our minds on what we need to work upon. We will be asking our clients to sum up their company, product or service in 1 or 2 sentences.

-Reason for Existence

This is one of our main prerequisites. We ask our company’s motto, vision, goals and purpose. Also need to know the mission behind their work. We ask this because we always try to include the mission and purpose subtly in our videos. These are helpful in portraying the company to the audiences in a better way.

-What Problem are you Solving for the Customers?

it is important to know because we will be curating the videos showcasing how your product or service is helpful to solve the customers’ problems. You need to explain us clearly how your product will solve the problems and be helpful to the customers.

-How is your Company different from the Existing Solutions offering by other Companies?

If you want us to make a good video for you, you also need to let us know why you feel you are better than the others. This will help us put the message in a subtle or bold way in our videos as per your preference. This grabs the attention of the onlooker and most will get tempted to try your product or service.

-What are the most Common Objections you Hear?

We need to Understand what are the common objections you hear from clients. What reasons do they give for not buying your product. We will skillfully counter these objections and present reasons why their objections are futile.

-What is the Main Objective of the Videos?

We also want to know what is your main wish to showcase from the videos. We would like to know your ideas and objectives, so that we can use your ideas in the videos and ensure that we make something that was in your mind totally.

-Who is the target audience for the video?

This knowledge helps us use characters, stories or information relating to that genre. For example, if the product you want to sell is for kids, then we might use animated characters with ski-fi or cartoon themes. Classy animated explainer videos also have a great impact on the audience as they make them believe in your brand and your products too. These are great weapons to boost your sales.

-What is your Call to Action?

We will also need to know how you want to give your call to action. Some companies are so sure of their products that they do not want to leave a call to action and want to leave it entirely on the customer to decide after viewing the video. Some, on the other hand, want to give a strong call to action.
So, all this information is our prerequisite to making great videos. We will be asking you these before we begin working on your project.