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In a testimonial video, real customers rave about your goods or services. The purpose of testimonial videos is to produce more credible product reviews and videos in order to increase sales.

What are the Benefits of Testimonial Videos?

Case studies and testimonial videos from third parties encourage potential customers to try your product because they have already done so and are satisfied with the results. It is a natural human tendency to trust a user’s account over what a company’s marketing representative says. It is a fantastic way to accomplish your marketing objectives.

You can gain your target audience’s trust and educate them about your product’s greatness by using testimonial videos. Such videos have an impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. A strong testimonial video shows potential customers confessing to a specific issue before praising your offering as the best on the market.

Tips for creating a Catchy and Compelling Testimonial Video

Your video marketing strategy is improved by a compelling and memorable testimonial video. Here are 8 suggestions for effectively using testimonial videos to market your business:

·       Make it more human

Making the testimonial video more human will help it to be more believable and credible as a testimonial. Trying to connect with real people is necessary for this. Additionally, you must make your videos engaging, fun, and relatable.

·       Put it in context

You need to add context, such as the location’s location in relation to other places, or make the scenario you’re showcasing more realistic, to your testimonial videos in order to make them seem more real and credible. Shooting scenes of snow-covered mountains, snowfall, or people wearing woollens walking down the street would be a good idea, for instance, if you are marketing woollens and want to depict someone feeling cold. Providing a real background is necessary here.

·       Prepare questions with anticipation

Make sure you cover the majority of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your product when you prepare your questions. Your testimonial video will become much more compelling as a result, and your target audience will understand the concept much better. You can make a great testimonial video if you plan your questions carefully and spend more time on your concept. Utilize the interviewee’s responses as a “cross-examination” to make sure all the topics are thoroughly covered.

·       Send the questions to the interviewee

Additionally, be sure to send all the interview questions in advance so that the subject is well-prepared. The video will appear more real and organic as a result. Additionally, your production time will be optimised.

·       Think about the possible scenarios

Check the background, context, and overall flow of your video to make an effective testimonial video. Scout every potential location for the video shoot first to have the best choice available.

·       Ensure that your interviewee elaborates on all the answers well

Ask your subject if they have sufficiently prepared and discussed in detail all of the questions before you start filming the testimonial video. Before you start shooting, you can also perform a test run to identify any flaws and fix them. Make sure that all of the questions are addressed with the appropriate knowledge and justification.

·       Include Relatable Points

Asking a few other unrelated strangers questions that are relevant will help you identify common problem areas. Then you can prepare your questionnaire for the testimonial video and include the salient features of your product. For instance, if it’s a mixer grinder, you can ask people about the way it’s washed, how well it grinds, how often the electronics go wrong, etc. When creating your questionnaire, you can naturally include each of these points in turn, after which you can ask the interviewee to describe how their experience with your product has shown it to be superior to all others.

·       Make final edits

A testimonial video must be edited before use. In order to make the content appear natural and fluid, editing is required. Additionally, you might want to omit some passages or insert others in their place. The final draught must be fluid, convincing, and compelling.

Some Great Testimonial Video Examples

·       Endless Entertainment – Hubspot’s Testimonial Ad

Given that their primary product is a digital commerce platform, Hubspot made the incredibly wise decision to present one of their customers’ beliefs in the best possible manner. They made the decision to combine the client testimonial video with pictures of their work.  Additionally, they included screen audio tapes of some of the activities they carried out on Hubspot’s platforms to further cement this partnership as “game-changing.” This testimonial video example has a nice rhythm thanks to all of these images that give the viewer context. It could get monotonous to just watch someone speak for two or three minutes, after all!

·       Happy Hound – Google Adwords’ Testimonial Video

This is a testimonial video of a woman who owns a dog daycare. The lady in the ad says that when she first started her company, she didn’t have enough clients, so she turned to Google Adwords. Soon, she used the tool to bring in 90% of her clients. Despite being from 2009, the video testimonial is still a great example of a customer testimonial because it tells an interesting tale that would appeal to any platform user—or even potential customers or non-users!

This cheerful and entertaining testimonial video ends on a positive note: “I’m confident Google Ad-words will continue assisting my business expansion. Life is fantastic!”


If done well, a testimonial video can raise the perceived value of your offering. Because people can now easily differentiate between promotional content and genuine content, you shouldn’t make it overtly promotional. Consider unconventional ideas and create interesting concepts for your target audience. Some video testimonials are so subdued that it takes a moment or two to figure out what they are actually endorsing. Customers’ interests increase as such videos have a high conversion rate for turning into sales. A video testimonial can effectively promote your brand when used properly.

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