How to Select the Best Explainer Video Agency with Price

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With so many video agencies in the market, it is tough to choose the right one. Some may quote a very high price and some may not produce quality videos. In any case, it will be a loss to your motive and so, it is necessary that you choose the right agency from the start. So, what are the points to keep in mind while selecting the best explainer video agency?

Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Explainer Video Agency

Hunt for Experts

Experts in every field are called so for a reason. They have good experience in the field and have spent quite many years providing their customers with the best output. If you want a foolproof explainer video crafted by an expert agency, you should be on the lookout for only the best ones. Creating explainer videos is not an easy task and one should never hand it over to their SEO or social media team. There is lots that goes in to make a good video. An explainer video is different from a customer testimonial and you need only an expert to make your video who will do the necessary research required.

Find out the Company’s Core Competency

Some companies make good animated explainer videos, while some are good for the live-action ones. Figure out what you need exactly and only then decide which company you would want to hire.

Ask them for Samples

It is always better to see the explainer videos a company has made for other clients. This will help you know their expertise better. Also, discuss the time frame. You may want your explainer video created quickly, but the agency you selected may take a lot of time.

Discuss the Terms of Contract

This is an often ignored point by most companies who sign deals with agencies only to regret later. What if you need a small correction in the final video and the agency refuses to do so? What if you are not happy with the content and you want a full refund? Ask the agency these questions before signing the deal. A good agency is one that agrees to make 3 to 4 revisions in the final draft. Also, ensure that the licensing cost of photos, images, music and other items added in the video are included in the final cost.

Check the Net or their Social Media

Today, social media is a powerful tool that immediately allows customers to post their genuine reviews and experiences with a company. You should also check the social media handle of the company you are trying to sign a contract with. Are there more negative reviews than positive ones? Do most customers sound happy with the videos? Check the feedback and then evaluate whether the company is actually worth it or not.

Take Free Consultation from the Company to Understand their Thoughts on your Product Storytelling

Sometimes, it is better to be sure than to take a risk. A good company agrees to give you a paid demo of what they have in mind regarding your product or service. They might even agree to give you a free consultation or a short sample of your product story. This speaks volumes of the final product they will deliver and also assures you of good output.
These are some of the many points to keep in mind before you finalize your best explainer video agency. It is after all, going to make an explainer video that speaks volumes about your brand. You will be sharing this explainer video on your social media handles and your landing page and it should be powerful enough to speak about your products and services.

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