How Videos Impact Viewer’s Mind

Video impact viewars mind

Today, only web content is not enough to explain your business or speak about the benefits of buying your products or services. As the audience is losing attention-span, it is important to keep them hooked to your content with something more engaging. An Animated Explainer videos have great potential to grow your business.And Here is how they are useful.

Look How Videos Impact the Viewer’s Mind.

  • They Improve Business Credibility

As per scientists, videos are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster. And Customers who visit your page out of curiosity or need, first should be ensured that your products are worth a try. The initial doubts that came into their minds were about its quality, high-price, value or money and so on. After seeing a good and engaging explainer video, they were intrigued and decided to try. Engaging explainer videos explain with proper images how to use the product and services or their benefits. A visual image has 87% more chances of attracting the customer’s attention. Such videos are more believable. They tend to stay longer in the mind of the viewer. They improve the business credibility because an image can explain in better depth how a product or service is beneficial.

  • Videos allow you to show and tell

You can easily explain the working, benefits, advantages of your products and services in animated or realistic images in a video. They are better at being processed by the mind, have better retainable value in the mind and stay in the mind of the viewer for longer. In today’s fast-paced world, not many have the time to read a long blog. They would rather watch a video.

If you have spent some more on a video than on a blog ,so the lead generation comparison of a video is way higher than that of a blog. Just a 60-second demo is enough to win people over. As per a study, just 1 minute of a video is equivalent to 1800 million written words. Videos enable you to say, show, convey much more than a minute long written content.

  • Use Storytelling to Grab More Attention

do you want to grab more attention of your buyers ? then it is a good idea to include realistic stories and experiences in your explainer videos and every video should have a buyer speaking about a problem and then how your product got him a solution. A story that has a happy ending for the customers has more chances of grabbing more attention and hence more business.

  • A video lets you get personal

video is a great way to built a personal one-to-one interaction with a viewer even if you are not in the same room. Many companies today are approaching an informal way to grab the customer’s attention. They are investing more in videos than ever before. A video is a powerful and memorable strategy when done properly. Videos have shown to open up a customer’s avenue to take action.

  •  Influence Purchase Decisions

Videos influence customer’s purchase decisions too. So According to a recent survey, 95% of online shoppers read reviews and watch explainer or testimonial videos before making a purchase. 88% of buyers base their buying decisions on online reviews And Videos have shown 31% boost in customer spending.

  • Videos are Shareable

If you have created a good and genuine video speaking about your brand, then there are better chances of your videos being clicked at and even shared. This is an effective way to grow your audience and grab new customers. Around 92% of viewers share their videos with others. This indirectly helps to increase your potential customer-base.

  • Video Marketing can help your business grow

Videos are an effective way to boost your business. Videos rank higher in the food chains when it comes to boosting customer trust. You make normal customer the face of your business when you share their video testimonials. This factor makes your brand more user-friendly, customer-oriented and relatable.
All these above-mentioned factors showcase how videos impact a viewer’s mind.