What are Motion Graphics? When Should you Use a Motion Graphics Video?

In 2022, 28 minutes will be spent on Instagram daily on average by more than one billion users. On this platform, more than 100 million posts are shared each day. As a result, Instagram users have more content to scroll through (and swipe past) on their feeds each day. This data is used to create a motion graphics video.

But how do we prioritize what’s important if our time is limited? The algorithmic feed was created as a result, putting the most engaging content first and displaying extremely engaging content.

Researchers in behavioral psychology contend that this is the cause of the addiction that social media has developed. We want to finish our feed because we have a fear of missing out (FOMO) on something interesting that everyone else is aware of.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is essentially video made from graphic design. This design combines sound, text, charts, symbols, and animation to effectively and persuasively communicate written information and quantitative data.

Despite this, motion graphics animation is a force to be reckoned with thanks to a number of additional characteristics. Let’s look at this:

  • It requires less time. As much information as a long, tedious text can be conveyed in a 90-second motion graphics video.
  • It simplifies the complex. Any concept, no matter how abstract or technical, can be explained using this animation style in a way that anyone can comprehend.
  • It’s enjoyable. A fun piece that your audience is likely to watch the entire way through is a well-made motion design video.
  • It stands out. Since learning is much more effective when the student is having fun. Additionally, they are more likely to understand and retain the message of your video.

To sum up, what exactly are motion graphics? They are an impactful, captivating, and educational animation style, to put it briefly. Let us understand motion graphics in detail.

When to Use Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics’ purpose is to visualize concepts in order to make them easier to comprehend. Consider every sector that comes to mind. Whichever one we’re talking about, they can all gain from using such videos to convey their messages.

How many times have you entered a password on a form only to have it bounce and turn red? You realized right away that it was the incorrect password. That is also referred to as motion graphics.

These can now be distinguished from what we traditionally refer to as animation because computer animation has gained popularity and decreased in price.

Bright colors are now typically the norm in the aesthetic of motion graphics. Also, to keep it easy, motion graphics often lack outlines.

They are excellent for improving viewer communication. For those who are skilled enough to use it, the combination of music, animated pictures, and texts produces a profoundly powerful message.

The main rule of motion graphics is that all of the visual components—video, text, images, music, and voice-over narration—must interact and flow with one another.

Instead of just listening to the audio, viewers must feel that the video is providing them with something to care about. Adding value to motion graphics is key!

Given that they combine graphic design and animation, they are typically used for client-driven and commercial pieces.

Another key point is to avoid getting carried away with the amount of text when creating high-quality videos.

Always try to keep in mind that people typically focus on one element, whether it be text or an image. So think about whether or not the components of your motion graphics video are intended to hold the viewer’s attention!

Some Appealing Motion Graphic Design Examples

IBM Language Motion

IBM proposes a completely new way of thinking about design while refreshing its brand. It demonstrates how motion graphics give ideas and shapes life on a visual plane. Do not miss Buck.co if you want to look up the authors of this work.

Thermo Fisher

This illustration is a great example of how this type of animation can help to clarify any subject. It covers ideas that are as difficult to understand as the blockchain while still being dynamic and engaging.

It’s also important to point out the high caliber of the animation, which increases the appeal and enjoyment of the work for viewers regardless of their prior knowledge of the subject. To make the video approachable and effective, every last detail has been taken into account and cared for.

We’re all left wanting more after seeing this School of Visual Arts student’s project. Through shape and colour, abstract concepts and their source became tangible and fluid. You could always find something to be inspired by, as they say in the video!

Where do Ideas Come From


Another skillfully done use of motion graphics in marketing and instructional content is demonstrated by Spotify.

The video’s topic, a brief overview of the platform’s ad and user metrics systems, couldn’t be simpler, but the company used straightforward shapes to grab the audience’s attention and prevent their explanation from seeming too dry or complicated.

The end result is a stylish video that effectively communicates its message.


A simple ad about lightning and darkness can be told in a way that makes it look as a story we want to keep watching. Motion graphics are a great and original way to let your audience know your brand’s style.


Sometimes, brand’s attributes are hard to picture. Probably, Nike’s creative team was gathered around a big table thinking how can we show lightness and flexibility. And some brilliant mind on that meeting came up with the answer: of course, motion graphics.

These are some of the best examples of motion graphics used in videos. To sum it up, motion graphics are, indeed, the type of animation that concentrates on animated graphic design.