Need of Story Board in Animation Video Industries

Need of Story Board in Animation Video Industries

A storyboard is a quintessential requirement for creating a great animated video. If you have been skipping on this step, then you must read this blog to find out more why a story board is very important.

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is a visual representation of a script. If you always go straight from writing a script to creating the animation, then you must first create a document that shows the narrative flow of your video, scene by scene. These storyboards can have hand-drawn sketches and notes scribbled at the side. A storyboard is basically a map that visualizes everything you are going to create in the final content. A storyboard does not have colors, background details or characters, it just has the plain outline drawn in a flow.

5 Reasons Why a Storyboard is Important

-Storyboards are the easiest way to share your vision

Storyboards are an easy visual draft of your content and easily explain your idea for the video to other people. Sometimes, a script is difficult to understand or imagine and that is the reason a story board is necessary to explain the idea to others. It is also essential to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to finally developing the video. A story board is an easy method to convey what the animation will look like.

-It gives a better understanding of whether your idea will work or not.

A storyboard is an important part of producing an animated video because it gives a clear understanding of the concept and also gives you a gist of whether your idea will work or not. The main idea of the video is paraphrased in a few paragraphs in a script, a storyboard needs more effort and time. But, in the long run, it reveals internal inconsistencies and other such issues. They also help to check whether the narrative makes sense or not. Storyboards are important for validating the central concept behind the video.

-Storyboards help you utilize your budget properly

A storyboard helps you use time efficiently. Time is money and you need time to make a storyboard, but you will later realize its importance. A storyboard saves your time on explaining the vision to you stakeholders and also helps you develop a comprehensive production plan that makes the entire process smoother. Creating a storyboard also allows animation studios to prepare clear outlines for developing the video and for including information regarding the important requirements. They define the parameters of the story that has to be created within the available time and resources and budget.

-Storyboards help to identify problems at an early stage

A storyboard lets you get the opportunity of detecting problems early on in your production. Many critical errors come out while creating a storyboard. It could be the narration style, story details or the main idea. By figuring out these mistakes early on, you reduce the time and cost of your final animation.

-Storyboards make the production process easier

A storyboard is a plan for the entire production team. It helps the team to visualize the project from all angles and allows them to accurately predict the time, budget and costs.
These are all the reasons why storyboards are crucial in animation video industries.

Key Takeaway

A good animation studio knows that a storyboard is the best starting point for video creation. It helps teams communicate their vision and verify it with their client. It is a basic outline for the production team in which the studio can organize the entire process.