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8 Best Video Websites Like YouTube

What comes to mind right away when you think of online video websites? YouTube, I assume? Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise, YouTube is the preferred video site for the majority of people.

Even though YouTube is excellent, there are many other excellent options as well. There are actually numerous alternative video websites to YouTube, each with different advantages and features that should be explored.

At the very least, marketers, content producers, business owners, and even everyday users should know about the other alternatives available. As a result, we’ve put together a list of our 8 favourite video sites other than YouTube. Enjoy!

Online Video Websites Other Than YouTube

1.     IGTV

Instagram TV, one of the newest video hosting services and a formidable rival to YouTube, is hands down, one of the best options after YouTube.

Despite this, IGTV isn’t really a video site like YouTube because IGTV videos are optimised for mobile devices and play automatically in the feed. Due to the fact that you can only browse the app, all videos on this forum are vertical and full-screen.

You can upload videos to IGTV that are up to 60 minutes long (15 minutes if your account is unverified), and it’s one of the best video-sharing platforms for showcasing your work to a big audience. Users have the option of browsing the accounts they follow or a feed of quality content that matches their interests.

2.     TikTok

 TikTok has become one of the most rapidly expanding social media and video hosting platforms available after taking the world by storm. Comedy, short lip-sync, and talent videos made with it are popular with younger audiences seeking entertainment in snippets!

TikTok was the first Chinese app and in October 2018 it was the most downloaded app in the US. It was offered in over 150 markets and 75 languages as of 2018. In 2019, TikTok was ranked as the seventh-most downloaded mobile app of the 2010–2019 period. indicating its entry into the top echelon of social media.

3.     Vimeo

One of the most well-known YouTube alternatives is Vimeo, which is very well-liked by artists and filmmakers. This video website attracts viewers who are genuinely interested in the art of film-making. It is known for its high-quality content and its actively participating community.

It’s a website for hosting videos that strongly promotes showcasing the work of artists and other creatives. It differs from YouTube in that regard because you won’t find long videos of something silly. Instead, you’ll typically find well-written and fascinating content.

4.     Daily Motion

Another video website like YouTube is Dailymotion, which also has a very similar layout and user experience. On the homepage, you can find popular videos. You can also use the categories list and search bar to find more.

However, such online video websites allow for more content uploaders because it has a more lenient copyright policy than YouTube. Perhaps this explains why it receives about 112 million visitors each month.

The ability for users to sell their videos through either ads or a paywall is another feature that sets Dailymotion apart. This explains why some videos are completely free while others contain advertisements. The users who upload the videos have the option to monetize them or not, and this feature is optional.

5.     Netflix

Although this is not an online video website that hosts videos like YouTube, it is a major rival and as such deserves a place on our list.

Netflix offers its subscribers a streaming service that they can use both at home and while travelling. Additionally, it shows them tailored suggestions based on their prior ratings.

This video streaming platform boasts a sizable and varied audiovisual content library. Nevertheless, it also creates original films and television shows, some of which have received honourable mentions and gained considerable notoriety.

6.     Amazon Prime Video

Over-the-top video streaming websites are available on the subscription-based video entertainment website Amazon Prime Video.

Similar to Netflix, this video website not only offers content from other sources for viewing, but also creates its own original content. However, compared to what was produced by the former, less original content has been created to date.

Prime Video is more similar to a Netflix-style video streaming site than a YouTube-style website. Still, it’s a fantastic choice for viewers seeking top-notch entertainment.

7.     PeerTube

This is a decentralised video hosting service. It is a peer-to-peer software platform that allows users to set up servers that host specific users and content. People with a moderate level of technical expertise can host this server, which is referred to as an instance. Every instance can be independently moderated and maintained by several administrators at once.

Peertube claims that this creates a network of interconnected small video hosters with a great deal of creative control over their content, which is difficult to find on video-sharing websites like YouTube.

8.     TED

The non-profit TED foundation is the owner of the popular video website TED. Although its content is very different from that of video platforms like YouTube, its interface is very similar. Thousands of recorded lectures on technology, design, science, politics, humanitarianism, and academic subjects are available here from eminent thought leaders.

The majority of the TED talks on the portal are open to everyone and free to watch. Some videos, however, are only available to members. With a TED membership, users can watch these exclusive talks and participate in conversation groups. It’s interesting that the subscription fee doubles as a donation, allowing members to choose whether to pay annually or monthly. YouTube also hosts many TED talks, but this portal is a good alternative.

So these are some of the best video websites that are similar to YouTube. So, the next time, you want to watch some interesting content, do not just stop at YouTube. Try these other online video websites as well to get better options.