Sure Shot Impact of Videos for Generating Leads for Business

It is getting increasing difficult today to grab the customer’s or reader’s attention for long. You might have written an excellent blog or content describing your business’ services, products or goals, but few out there really take the effort to read every line. The generation today is facing severe attention deficit and to do business in these times is quite challenging.
Videos prove to be a boon today if you want to grab and maintain your customer’s focus on the content. Video marketing encourages viewer engagement for longer when compared to a reader reading written content. Videos have a great impact in generating leads for business. Let us understand how.

How Video Marketing Helps Generate Business Leads?

You need to have a really good video to generate business leads. A short introduction video on your social media pages is an excellent idea to improve your brand awareness. A video can showcase 80% of your content in just 30 seconds, as it gets right to the point, has better visual enhancers that grab attention and sits in the minds later for longer when compared to written content.
If the video is good, it will gain traction and soon receive comments and shares on social media. The social media team can then personally start conversations on the comments and send a subscription link. This is a great way to generate business leads.

Impact of Videos for Generating Business Leads

-More Attention Grabbing

Videos are more attention grabbing from the customer point of view. When a reader is presented with a video and a text on the same page, 72% will prefer to watch the video rather than read the content. This way, you can convey information regarding your services and products faster.

-Renders a Better Understanding of the Product

Videos are better to convey exactly what the product or service is all about rather than written content. According to a study, 94% of customers prefer watching videos than reading content. Customers will only buy a product when they fully understand how to use it or how it will help them.

-Videos Guarantee a Better Return at your Investment

The returns on the investment from your video are easy to cover as you will get more traffic and more views than your written content. Around 83% respondents say that videos have given them better returns on investment. Today, it is very easy to make good videos using high-quality smartphones. It is easier to now produce videos and more cost-effective as well.

-Videos can be Used in Variety of Ways

There are many options when it comes to creating videos. You can easily find a method that fits your marketing goals. The obvious place to start with videos is YouTube. You can grab the option of posting stories that disappear in some time. This is a great and cost-effective option. Such stories are super quick and they directly speak to your audience. You can also create a Live video as it easily gets six times more interactions. One can also try Webinars. These are excellent to answer specific questions about your product and teach your audience about your industry.

-Videos are Great for SEO

Another impact of videos for generating leads is that they boost your SEO. Uploading videos to YouTube targeting common search terms can bring your business on the first page of Google. Google has a soft corner for YouTube videos and tends to put them on the top of the page.
These are some sure shot benefits and impact of using videos for generating leads for business.