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whiteboard animated video when and when not to

Do you think it would be a good idea to include a whiteboard animated video in your marketing plan? Well, after reading this, you might want to think twice!

Without a doubt, whiteboard animation has a lot of great potentials when used appropriately, but it’s not typically the preferred method in marketing situations.

Today, we’ll explain when a whiteboard animated video is a bad idea as well as a little about when it is, saving you time and money on a project that isn’t going to meet your needs.

When you Need a Colourful Video, Use a Whiteboard Animated Video

The black-on-white visuals serve as a cognitive tool to aid viewers in understanding and remembering your message, not to save money on ink! You won’t have a whiteboard video on your hands if you get rid of it.

Whiteboard animation is probably not what you’re looking for if your vision for your video includes lots of vivid colors splashed across the screen.

If you are Trying to Reach Out to a Younger Audience

Whiteboard animation does what they do best using a slower tempo and a minimalist black-and-white aesthetic. They are a very effective tool for articulating your ideas because of this.

The issue is that younger audiences, who typically prefer shorter, visually stimulating content don’t find those elements to be very appealing.

Whiteboard animation shouldn’t be your first choice if you want to connect with and engage a Gen-Z or younger audience.

For Shorter Video Requirements, Use a Whiteboard Animated Video

The main objective of a whiteboard video is to convey your message in an engaging and memorable way using storytelling and creative visuals. That entails allowing those components adequate time to fully integrate before transitions. if you will, to “erase the board” before moving on to the following scene.

Use a whiteboard animation video sparingly if you need a one-minute or shorter in-and-out video advertisement or marketing piece. It takes a little longer for this slower-moving style to gel.

When you Want to Make an Impression

The words “minimalist,” “cartoony,” and “uncluttered” all describe the whiteboard animation style. “Awesome,” “vibrant,” and “dazzling”? Hmm… Not really.

You should choose something other than a whiteboard video unless, when you think about your video, you want some remarkable element that impresses viewers in a matter of seconds with dynamic visuals and quick shots.

If the Message is Simple

Whiteboard animation has the advantage of making complex ideas incredibly simple to understand. But what if your message is already… straightforward? Choosing this look is probably not a good idea.

Consider them as complementary opposites: simple subjects benefit from elaborate, visually stimulating videos, while a complex concept is better explained with a smoother, less cluttered piece.

Effective simplicity, or removing distractions to keep the viewer’s attention where you want it, is the key to whiteboard videos. If your message is already fairly simple, a flashier video style will probably help it.

For Shorter Video Ads

To be effective, a compelling advertising video, or video ad, must be direct and brief. Even YouTube keeps non-skippable ads under 20 seconds, so you have even less time to work with if we’re talking about social media ads!

They are designed to enter the market quickly, get people thinking about your brand, and leave before wasting too much time.

Whiteboard animation videos require more time than that to be truly effective, as we have previously mentioned. Therefore, if you have a short time window, try using a different style for the video experiment.

If you Want to Create an Emotional Impact

You can use a variety of marketing video formats and strategies to touch your audience’s heart. Videos of whiteboards are not one of them.

Although there are many moving black-and-white videos available, keep in mind what we said earlier about genre: If your video lacks the essential components that define a whiteboard video, it isn’t one at all. Now, it’s important to note that humor is a common component in the recipe for whiteboard cartoons. But aside from that, this approach isn’t the most effective at evoking an emotional reaction in the audience.

If you Need to Showcase a Product’s Features, Use a Whiteboard Animated Video

Product videos are a particular kind of marketing video made to highlight the key benefits of your product. Product videos are all about showcasing your product’s features in real-world scenarios, as opposed to explainers, which employ a storytelling formula to convey a message.

We frequently use live-action video and 3D animation for tangible products and screencap video or 2D animation for digital goods like software platforms or apps.

A whiteboard animation video is most likely not what you are looking for if your goal is to demonstrate to viewers that your product can do everything they are looking for and more by showcasing its features.

When Should You Use A Whiteboard Animated Video?

When tackling complex explanations.

The animated images aid in the organization and communication of information, enhance memory and maintain viewers’ attention on the screen. Its straightforward design makes it easier to create a visual dialogue that uses metaphors and conceptualizations to

When establishing your brand as an expert.

Explainer videos using a whiteboard simulate a situation that most people can identify with and relate to: a teacher using a whiteboard to help them visually explain a concept to their students.

Educating and informing the audience.

It’s not surprising that whiteboard cartoon videos are ideal for educational video content given how well they convey information. Making use of the whiteboard format can assist you in nurturing your leads and influencing your audience to consider doing business with you.

When creating a longer video

Whiteboard videos are perfect for longer content that can fully explain the style’s advantages and keep viewers watching the entire thing because they use storytelling, fluid illustrations, and slower-paced transitions to carry your message.

These are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when producing whiteboard animated video. Each type of video ad should be created keeping in mind to create the desired response in the audience.



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