Understand the Uniqueness of Whiteboard Animation for Educational YouTube Channels

whiteboard animation

A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video that is made using the whiteboard animation style. The animated graphics are hand-drawn on a whiteboard in these videos. A voice-over narrator complements the visuals created and conveys the main idea of the video.
These videos are unique for educational YouTube channels as they cater to a student audience who understands the whiteboard learning pattern. These videos often simplify complex information and present it in an easy-to-understand way.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation for Educational YouTube Channels
  • These can easily turn complex topics into simple explanations.
  • Students find it easier to understand in the whiteboard format as it is the same method in which they learn other subjects.
  • Such whiteboard animated videos have both entertainment and educational value.
  • Such videos are cost-effective and easy to make.
  • These tend to grab the attention span of the viewer for longer. As a hand draws and explains a video simultaneously, the viewers watch it till the end.
  • A whiteboard video remains in the memory for longer as its style is easier for the brain to process.
  • The white space on the whiteboard is free from distractions and better at grabbing attention. As per studies, using a whiteboard explainer video boosts attention and information retention by 15%.
  • These videos grab attention of the viewer who enjoys to see the drawing hand moving and making the figures.
Who should go with Whiteboard Animation style

Everyone can benefit from whiteboard animation videos, especially students and customers. This cost-effective animated style of explanation can be tweaked in multiple ways to attract diverse kinds of audiences.
Anyone from the tech, healthcare and financial industries wanting to explain their content can go with Whiteboard animation videos. People wanting to do business with a breakthrough idea and B2B marketers should also try. Leaders and teachers should also use these videos to educate their audience. This style is particularly good for nonprofit organizations and anyone who wishes to complement their old audio educational content.

When should one use Whiteboard Style Videos
  • If your product or services are highly intricate or technical, you can use whiteboard explainer videos as these quite resemble the school boards we have used as children or as whiteboards we use in conference meetings. These explain a concept, a product or a service quite impact fully
  • One should use a whiteboard animated video when the information is quite big or complex in form. Whiteboard explainer videos can easily condense and synthesize information into simpler and less volume terms that are easily explainable.
  • Whiteboard videos help to make your videos light and entertaining till the end..
Common Mistakes

A poorly made whiteboard animated video can showcase your brand in a poor frame and can even not do justice to your message, product or service. Use it only if you are quite sure of the message you need to convey or hire a really good agency who can do justice to your products or services. On the other hand, do not try to use a real life shot video to explain an educational video as it will not have the same impact on the student’s mind as an animated video.
These are some essential points to keep in mind for a good whiteboard animation video for educational YouTube Channels.